Bar V5 Ranch Series

Fall in love at the Bar V5 Dude Ranch in Montana...


Beach Brides

Can a message in a bottle bring 12 friends true love?

Ever After Series

Happily Ever Afters RealityTV style...

Love at the Chocolate Shop 

Three siblings find love thanks to Copper Mountain Chocolates in Marietta, Montana...

Standalone Titles

Sigh-worthy sweet contemporary romances...

Anthologies, Boxed Sets & Samplers

Harlequin -Silhouette Category Romance

The Coles of

Haley's Bay

For the Cole family, love is a shore thing...

Hood Hamlet

Discover the magic on Mount Hood...


Matches by Henry

A bored billionaire plays matchmaker with his friends...

Princess Brides

Royal romances with charming princes and dreamy castles...

Harlequin Romance

From the heart. For the heart.



Silhouette Romance & Yours Truly

From Today to Forever...


Series Name Goes Here

Short teaser or review quote



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