Coming February 21st!

Love is unexpected.

Jazz Michaels is finished putting everyone else first. She’s spent too much time helping the men in her life achieve their goals. Now it's her turn. No more dating equals no more distractions. Nothing will stand in her way of getting what she wants. Besides, it’s not like the man of her dreams is going to show up right in front of her.

Billionaire Edwin “Win” Forrester IV lives to work. Nothing matters more than his business until he sees the beautiful Jazz. Win feels like he’s been struck by lightning. But she's not impressed by money and prestige—or by him. He’ll need a few tricks to capture Jazz’s heart. Win or lose, this businessman is playing for keeps. But is she willing to gamble with her heart again?

Coming February 28th!

Love is confusing.

Luckily, Jazz Michaels has it all figured out… or so she thinks. At last her wedding day has arrived, and she can’t wait to say “I do.” But when three former fiancés each declare their undying love for her, it’s enough to give any bride cold feet.

The clock is ticking, and if she can’t make a choice before the start of the ceremony, she could lose all four of her great loves forever. Which of these potential husbands is meant to be the other half of her lifelong dream? And whose hearts will she break when taking this final step toward her future?

One bride, four possible grooms, unlimited potential for disaster to strike. Is the man waiting at the end of the aisle the one that’s meant to be Jazz’s forever love? Find out in this addictive series of one woman’s journey to her happily ever after. Order your copy, and start your book binge today!

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