One Night to Forever Box Set for less than a dollar!

For a limited time, the One Night to Forever Box Set is on sale for 99 cents! This collections includes four novels: Fiancé for the Night, The Wedding Lullaby, A Little Bit Engaged, and Love on the Slopes. The series contains standalone stories with crossover characters. It's also where you meet Henry, Brett, and Laurel, who appear in The Billionaires of Silicon Forest!

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Here's the blurb:

Experience love when it’s least expected with four full-length, heartwarming sweet romances in the One Night to Forever box set by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Melissa McClone.

Fiancé for the Night: When a fake engagement spirals out of control, Cassandra fears losing her heart. Will she end the fake engagement, or could Troy be her perfect husband for life?

The Wedding Lullaby: After an impromptu wedding that was just for fun, Laurel discovers she’s pregnant. Will she get the marriage and family she dreams of having with Brett?

A Little Bit Engaged: A PR nightmare drags Cara into a fake engagement with A-list actor—and former crush—Brody. What will it take for her to survive the ruse with her heart intact?

Love on the Slopes: The one person who can help her is the last person she’d ever trust…again. Can Ryland and Brynn overcome their painful pasts and make their dreams come true—together?

With fake engagements, a surprise pregnancy, friendship to love, and hate to love storylines, these four novels will take you from San Francisco to Portland to Sun Valley. Treat yourself and find out how one night can lead to forever…


Authors for Freedom 2021

For the second year in a row, I'm participating in Authors for Freedom in support of Operation Underground Railroad. They help children escape from sex-traffickers. Knowing there are kids like my own out caught up in a living nightmare with no way out hurts my heart. It also makes me angry.

What does being an Author For Freedom mean? When you purchase one of my book(s) today, July 30th, I will donate the profits from the book sale(s) to help children worldwide. I can't track my sales of my books put out by publishers, but I can with the following books/series (just click to see the various titles under each):

I'm only one author. There are others taking part today and not just romance writers. You'll find other authors from a variety of genres at the Authors For Freedom website, just click here. You can also make a direct donation there, if you'd prefer to do that than buy a book.

The proceeds will go to Operation Underground Railroad. Not only do they help children, they provide resources and training so check out their website for more information. We need to educate ourselves so we can understand what's can happening sometimes right in plain sight. I hope you'll join us in helping fight child sex-trafficking.

#authorsforfreedom #ourauthorsforfreedom #riseup #ourrescue #operationundergroundrailroad

New Release: A Slice of Summer

A Slice of Summer is now available! This is book #2 in my Silver Falls series which feature standalone romances featuring the Andrews family siblings. It's set in a quaint small town in Washington state with a fun cast of characters and a few dogs!

Here's the blurb:

First, he ghosted her. Now, he has a proposition…

Taryn Lawson needs more customers in her bakery to prove she’s capable of taking over the family business. The summer fair is the perfect opportunity to jump-start her vision with a specialized booth showcasing her creative desserts. Despite her fierce work ethic, she needs help to build her booth in time. Unfortunately, the only person available is the handsome attorney who played with her heart last Christmas.

Trial attorney Garrett Andrews regrets not contacting the pretty baker he dated during his last holiday vacation. But he had his reasons and is finally ready to make amends. When he returns to town for his sister’s wedding, Garrett gets his second chance when Taryn needs help building her booth.

Working together reignites the spark, but Taryn is aware the clock is ticking. Will they realize what they have is special before it’s too late, or will their second chance at love once again slip through their fingers?

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The book received the following review from Publishers Weekly:


It was another busy night at the bakery. Taryn placed an éclair on a plate. She didn’t have to force a cheery mood. Not when tables on the patio and inside were packed on a Monday night.

This will work.

Taryn wiggled her toes before handing the dessert to a smiling customer. “Enjoy your éclair.”

For the first time that evening, no one stepped up to the counter. The lull let her take a break and a sip of water.

“They keep coming tonight,” Jayden whispered. “Not complaining, but we might need to add a person to this shift.”

Excellent customer service made a difference, according to Grandpa. But Taryn wouldn’t hire someone until she saw the numbers.

“If business keeps up next week, I’ll see who wants extra hours temporarily. If we sustain this level, we can make it permanent through summer.” Taryn removed her gloves. “You’ve worked long enough today. Go home to your lovely wife.”

“She’s on duty, and you need the help.”

Taryn recognized Callie coming from the back entrance and waved. “As soon as I can afford it, you’re getting a raise.”

“Good, because I deserve one.” With a wink, he headed into the kitchen.

Taryn smiled. “Welcome to Lawson’s Bakery.”

Callie’s complexion glowed. “The patio is amazing.”

“Thank you.” Taryn acknowledged Brandt and Margot, but she didn’t recognize the couple with them. The man, however, looked vaguely familiar. “I’m so happy with how it turned out.”

“The customers like it too,” Margot said.

As Taryn’s chest swelled with pride, she nodded. Now, all she needed was for her parents to acknowledge it. “That’s the best part.”

“Your brownies are the best.” Brandt stepped forward, putting his arm around Callie. “But the patio is a close second.”

“I don’t think you’ve met my parents, Tina and John Andrews.” Callie glanced at the man and woman. “Mom and Dad, this is Taryn Lawson, who makes the tastiest baked goods in the Pacific Northwest, if not the West Coast.”

“We ate a few of your desserts over Christmas, but tonight was our first time tasting your bread. Delicious.”

A thrill shot through Taryn. She stood taller. “Thanks. What can I get you?”

As they studied the evening specials on the board behind her, she readied her hand on the cash register. One by one, they ordered.

“Is that everything?” Taryn asked before she hit total.

“We should get Garrett something.” Margot’s voice softened. “He’s a sweetheart for sitting outside with the dogs.”

Wait. Was Garrett there? Taryn’s muscles bunched. She hadn’t expected him to return. Not when she’d told him she never wanted to see him again. Rude, yes, but given how he made her feel about herself… Still, the nerve of him coming tonight sent her blood boiling.

“Garrett loves molasses cookies,” Callie chimed in. “Isn’t that right, Taryn?”

Her hands balled. “Your brother had a cookie earlier. He doesn’t get a second one.”

Callie startled.

Margot’s jaw dropped.

Brandt blew out a breath.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews shared a look.

Taryn’s hands shook, but she didn’t care. Muscle memory allowed her to fill the order, and what common sense remained kept her from holding any baked good too hard. She didn’t glance up.

Instead, she moved like a robot, each motion programmed in and no extra steps. Plates sat on a tray. So did the drinks. She rang up the sale and even remembered to give two dog biscuits shaped like bones to Margot. “For Angus and Sadie.”

“Thanks, dear.” Concern filled Margot’s eyes.

Please don’t ask. Taryn pushed the tray forward on the counter. That was when she noticed Callie was missing. Probably off to warn her brother about the crazy baker who wouldn’t give him a cookie.

She plastered on a smile that was probably more deranged clown than cheerful. “Have a nice evening.”

Thankfully, no one else stepped up to order. Taryn hurried into the kitchen.

“Brecken,” she called to the rising high school senior. “Please take the front.”

He left the loaves of bread he was wrapping. “Sure thing, Boss.”

She headed to her office, plopped into her chair, and buried her face in her hands. “What is wrong with you?”

“I was about to ask you the same question.” Jayden touched her shoulder. “You, okay?”

Yes. No. She had no idea. “I made a fool of myself in front of Callie, Brandt, and their families.”

“Fool isn’t in your vocabulary.”

“It was tonight. And my picture is now being sent to dictionaries everywhere—online or print.”

“It can’t be that bad.”

Heat pooled in Taryn’s cheeks. “I told Callie her brother couldn’t have a cookie.”

Jayden’s jaw jutted forward. “He’s back?”

“That was my reaction.”

“That egotistical lawyer is the only fool.”

Taryn’s pulse rate returned to normal. “Thanks. I’ve never gotten so angry like that.”

“The guy triggered you. It happens.”

“I can’t believe this happened in front of customers, especially Callie and Margot.”

“They’ll understand.”

“But they have no idea what’s been going on.”

“That’s okay. This isn’t like you, but his appearance set you reeling, and Callie caught you off-guard.” Jayden sat on the edge of her desk. “So this thing with Garrett really affected you?”

“I wasn’t in love with him.” The words poured from her lips faster than runny ganache.

Jayden raised an eyebrow. His look suggested he didn’t believe her. “I didn’t say you were, but love at first sight is real. That’s how it was with Rachelle and me.”

“It wasn’t like that with us. Garrett and I had fun. We were getting closer, so I’d hoped it might turn into more eventually, but neither of us wanted a long-distance relationship. But when he ghosted me, it magnified how I was already feeling. Today and tonight brought up the emotions again.”

“About what?” Jayden asked.

“That I’m not enough. My parents keep implying I’m not smart enough to keep the bakery going, even though I’ve been doing it for years. Then, I wasn’t enough for Garrett to call me after he left, when he said he would. Now, given the downturn in business, I wonder if my mom and dad are right. And I don’t need Garrett Andrews reaffirming it for me.”

Jayden rubbed his neck. “That’s a lot to unpack.”

“It’s me, not Garrett. I’m taking out my emotions and insecurity on him.” She clasped her hands to keep from fidgeting. “Does that break it down for you better?”

“Yes, but love at first sight exists. That would explain why you took being ghosted so hard.”

“It would in a romantic, tragic movie of the week way, but a broken heart isn’t why I overreacted.” A heartbreak might be easier to deal with, too. “I… I hate being disregarded.”

Especially when her parents did the same thing to her.

“Fine. You’re not in love with him.” Jayden sounded relieved. “But Garrett’s in town, he’s your friend’s brother, and there aren’t many places to hide in Silver Falls. What are you going to do?”

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Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After Release and Giveaway

Several friends of mine are part of a sweet romcom collection that contains 20 original humorous novellas from best-selling authors. These are heartwarming, feel-good, and laugh out loud funny reads.

Here's an excerpt from THE SASSY ONE by Cami Checketts:

A firm hand on her back yanked Rissa from her nightmarish visions of the man she loved in the arms of another woman and face to face with his handsome mug.

Breck was glancing over her with concern. “Riss? You okay, love?”

How did he do that? His pet name for her and a term of endearment, coupled with worry in those dark eyes, and she was faltering faster than her spotty cell service up this mountain.

“Right as my mum’s pudding, thank you.” She jerked from his touch and strode back toward the wedding party. More people. That would be the key to keeping him at an un-kissable distance. She’d thought she’d be prepared today. She wasn’t. Thankfully he hadn’t referenced her hiding under a bar table in a puddle of beer last night. Maybe he wasn’t certain she’d been there.

Breck was at her side with his arm around her waist before she could react. She felt like the air had been knocked out of her. That manly hand placed possessively on her hip. His tall frame holding her close. The luxurious scent of his cologne. It was too much and was completely unfair of him.

“I’ve missed you all these years,” he murmured close to her ear.

Rissa glanced sharply at him, and unfortunately his lips brushed along her cheek before she could draw back. Her breath was coming in short pants. She wished she could throw a comeback about how he’d never come to see her, but they both knew the truth. He had come, flown to England, knocked on her mum’s door numerous times, and she’d hidden from him like an ankle biter. It was the only way to stay immune to his magnetism. She’d stayed stronger than English oak, even though sometimes she felt as dense as oak, turning down the most charming man on the planet over and over again. Yet he’d not only lied about not being able to go to lunch on that fateful day, he’d been with another woman, and snogged that beautiful woman. She should hate him. The anger had faded, but she couldn’t get rid of the longing for him.

Breck stopped and pulled her around to face him. “You’re the only woman who could ever do this to me.”

“Do what exactly?”

His eyes swept over her face. “Make me insane waiting for you.”

He grinned and she realized how completely and horribly she’d longed for that brilliant grin of his. Why had she kept her distance? Was it really worth not being near this man when she loved him so desperately? Then what he’d said really and truly sunk into her thick, barmy brain. She was only another game to him. A challenge. She made him wait for her, so he pursued. It was his life quest to have every woman fall at his feet. As soon as she fell, he’d move on quick. He didn’t have a shred of loyalty or integrity in that handsome body of his.

“You can wait until you’ve over-egged the pudding, but it won’t matter,” she snapped at him.

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New Release Book Tour: Olivia Mile’s Summer’s End

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Summer's End
(Evening Island #2)
By Olivia Miles
Women's Fiction, Romance
Paperback & ebook, 201 Pages
Date 2020 by Rosewood Press

The USA Today bestselling author of the Oyster Bay series invites readers to return to Evening Island for a heartwarming, stand-alone story about three sisters at very different crossroads in their lives who reunite for one unforgettable summer at their family's lake house.
The Taylor sisters spent every summer at their family’s lake house, but as they grew up, they also grew apart. Now, in honor of their late mother’s wishes, they reunite on Evening Island, each hoping to find the best part of themselves they’d left behind.
Kim is just weeks away from what should be her dream wedding, but as the big day draws closer, her doubts only grow stronger. Some time away may be just the thing she needs to help clear her head…or change her heart. 
Heather has always been the reliable sister, but a recent divorce has made everything feel uncertain. When a second chance with an old flame comes along, she must decide if a summer love can last a lifetime. 

Andrea’s career is her top priority, even if her heart is no longer in it. When her boss suggests a vacation, a couple of weeks on the island leads to the inspiration she was searching for, and not just for work… 

Thanks to the beauty of the island and the memories they share, the sisters come together, search their hearts, and discover what the future holds for each of them at summer’s end.

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Finally, Andrea emerged from the car, tucking her phone into her leather handbag, which seemed so out of place for island life. On Evening Island, there were no cars, just good, ol’-fashioned horse and buggies and bicycles, meaning she’d need to pay for extended parking before boarding the ferry. And she wouldn’t say no if Andrea offered to cover it, considering Heather had handled all the driving to the very tip of Michigan, feeling more like a chauffeur than a sister.

She laughed to herself, thinking how many times she had been tempted to tell Andrea that she should take the backseat; at least then Heather might have been able to sing along to the radio.

“You’re in a good mood,” Andrea remarked, and Heather didn’t deny it or fight it. The water stretched far into the distance, interrupted only by a slow-passing ferry, and the sun was warm on her face. She hadn’t gardened much this year, even though she’d once prided herself on the small plot of land in the city that was all hers. Now she pulled the air into her lungs and tipped her head back.

“It’s nice to have a change of scenery, I suppose. The city can wear on you after a while, you know?” But, of course, Andrea didn’t know. She loved the pace of city life; thrived on it.


Other Books in the Series


Meet Me at Sunset
(Evening Island #1)
By Olivia Miles
Women's Fiction/Romance
Paperback & ebook, 324 Pages
February 25, 2020 by Rosewood Press

From USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia Miles comes the first in a collection of stand-alone novels set on the fictional shores of Evening Island—just a ferry ride across the lake from Blue Harbor, home to the newest heartwarming series! 

The Morgan sisters spent many blissful summers at their family's lake house growing up, but as they grew older, their lives took very different paths. 

Hope adores her twin girls, but she doesn't love being a stay-at-home mom. When her workaholic husband doesn't support her career aspirations, she packs up the kids and goes to Sunset Cottage, thinking that some time apart will help her decide what she really wants-but when the life she dreamed of becomes a possibility, she is more torn than ever. 

Gemma was supposed to be planning her wedding, not trying to get back deposits. And she was supposed to be finished writing her latest romance novel, not staring at a blank screen. Lost and down on her luck, she heads north to Evening Island, hoping to find the inspiration she needs to fill the page, and maybe, her heart. 

Ellie is almost perfectly content living in the house that once belonged to her grandmother, even if it does get a little lonely sometimes. Still, work is steady at her art studio and the island continues to serve as a muse, especially when her first love makes a surprise return. 

In the course of a month, the Morgan sisters learn that despite their differences and their personal struggles, they might just have more in common than the old summer cottage that they inherited. 

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About the Author

Olivia Miles is a USA Today bestselling author of heartwarming women’s fiction and small-town contemporary romance. She has frequently been ranked as an Amazon Top 100 author, and her books have appeared on several bestseller lists, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookScan, and USA Today. Treasured by readers across the globe, Olivia’s novels have been translated into German, French, and Hungarian, with editions in Australia and the United Kingdom. After growing up in New England and later living in Montreal, Olivia traded salt water for fresh water, and is most happy reading on the sandy shore of Lake Michigan, or spending time with her husband, daughter, and two lovable dogs.


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