For the second year in a row, I'm participating in Authors for Freedom in support of Operation Underground Railroad. They help children escape from sex-traffickers. Knowing there are kids like my own out caught up in a living nightmare with no way out hurts my heart. It also makes me angry.

What does being an Author For Freedom mean? When you purchase one of my book(s) today, July 30th, I will donate the profits from the book sale(s) to help children worldwide. I can't track my sales of my books put out by publishers, but I can with the following books/series (just click to see the various titles under each):

I'm only one author. There are others taking part today and not just romance writers. You'll find other authors from a variety of genres at the Authors For Freedom website, just click here. You can also make a direct donation there, if you'd prefer to do that than buy a book.

The proceeds will go to Operation Underground Railroad. Not only do they help children, they provide resources and training so check out their website for more information. We need to educate ourselves so we can understand what's can happening sometimes right in plain sight. I hope you'll join us in helping fight child sex-trafficking.

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