The Date

Publisher: Cardinal Press, LLC

Formats: eBook, print 

ASIN: 1944777571

ISBN: 978-1944777579


One tech entrepreneur, one blond bombshell, and two rival dating sites...

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The Date

An Online Dating Romance

One tech entrepreneur, one blond bombshell, and two rival dating sites...

When Dani Bennett lands a new marketing job, she can't wait to prove herself. But her excitement fizzles when her new boss insists she create an online dating profile to spy on the competition. Quitting isn't an option; she needs the money. Now, she must meet the charming guy who's been messaging her. Dani, however, has played this game before. She knows exactly what he's after—what they're all after. It's a good thing she has a foolproof plan to keep her date from being interested in her.

Bryce Delaney works hard to keep scammers from infiltrating his dating website. He'll do anything to keep his clients and his company safe, like asking a potential corporate spy to meet him for coffee. When the woman turns out to be more hobo than hottie, he's intrigued. She has no idea he founded the dating website, and he plans to keep it that way until he can uncover her agenda.

As one date leads to another, sparks fly. Dani knows a relationship built on lies will never work, but she's not the only one with a secret. Will the truth bring her and Bryce closer or send them back online to find someone else to love?

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Frustrated and tired, Dani trudged to her cubicle. She’d stayed up late last night sending out another batch of resumes. Speaking of which, she’d better check her inbox in case someone replied. A click showed a notification, but not from a potential employer. A person named BigBrother on the dating website had messaged her with the subject, “I read your profile.”

Oh, no. She squeezed her eyes shut—another guy who wanted to get to know her.

Her stomach churned. She hated this. Sure, she could hit “delete”—that was par for the course on many dating sites—but was different. The website touted itself as a community where politeness and manners mattered. The company requested users to reply, even if the intent was to give someone a brush-off. Still, the thought of telling another guy she wasn’t interested in him made her feel physically ill.

But what other option was there?

Leading someone on when she was on the site under false pretenses ranked right up there with corporate spying in her book. She massaged her forehead to stop a full-on headache from erupting. Okay, one rejection wouldn’t send some guy scampering back to his mommy in tears, but...

Why did this keep happening?

Dani had taken steps to ensure it wouldn’t. What sense of honor she had left had made her fill out the match questionnaire truthfully, so she understood when the compatibility program deemed her a match with someone. But Dani had hedged against the computer algorithms by uploading an unattractive photo of herself. She looked downright ugly. While other women uploaded more than one picture to their profile page, she hadn’t.

She’d also downplayed her interests to make herself sound...well...about as exciting as a slug inching across a driveway at dawn. She’d listed the library as her favorite place to spend a Saturday night and a collection of Jane Austen novels as her must-have item if stranded on a desert island.

No man should want to date her.

Maybe BigBrother didn’t. He might be one of those guys, the players, who only wanted to have sex. If that were the case, she wouldn’t mind telling him to get lost.

Dani opened her eyes and clicked on the notification to go to her message inbox at


To: SanFranDani
From: BigBrother
Subject: I read your profile

Who are you searching for? Mr. Darcy? Or Mr. Knightley? -bb

She reread the message. Twice.

Okay, the fact this guy knew the names of two Jane Austen heroes impressed Dani, but who did he take her for? Intelligent impulsive Lizzy, or smug interfering Emma?

Still, his message intrigued Dani. She typed a reply and hit “send.” With a satisfied smile on her face, she leaned back in her chair—and almost fell over backward.

Uh-oh. What had she done?

She shouldn’t have replied the way she did.

Dani grimaced. She didn’t want to engage BigBrother into sending another message. She meant to tell him she wasn’t interested. To. Go. Away. Politely, of course.

Only, she hadn’t wanted to do that.

Not when his email had been unlike the others she’d received. He’d obviously read her profile and asked his question based on what she’d written, not about her photo or bra size. He might be genuinely interested in her.

Or something was wrong with him.

Her eyes locked on the link to his profile. One click would transport her to a page about him and his photograph.

Curiosity trickled down her arm to her fingertip, hovering above the laptop’s trackpad. She wanted to learn more about BigBrother. Read what he’d written about himself. See his photo.

Temptation flared. Dani moved the cursor to the link. All she had to do was click, but no.

The less she knew about BigBrother, the better.

Dani wasn’t looking to meet a guy. She didn’t want to meet a guy—especially one from

Not under these circumstances.

With a twinge of regret, she closed his email. Goodbye, BigBrother.