Sweet Yuletide

Publisher: Cardinal Press, LLC

Formats: eBook, print 


ISBN: 978-1944777500


One beach cottage, two strangers, and a kiss under the mistletoe that changes everything…

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Sweet Yuletide

One beach cottage, two strangers, and a kiss under the mistletoe that changes everything…

Sheridan DeMarco wants to be anywhere but home for the holidays. She’s happy to spend Christmas house-sitting in South Carolina, far away from her parents’ new blended families. Too bad when she arrives at the charming beach cottage, she isn’t as blissfully alone as she planned.

Michael "Mikey" Patterson needs to stay out of sight until his attorney gives him the all clear. He finds the perfect place in a small coastal town, but there’s a problem. Mikey isn’t the only one staying at the beach house, and his surprise roommate pushes all his buttons.

A sprig of mistletoe and one memorable kiss make Sheridan and Mikey forget their plans to stay away from each other. But when family gets in the way, will their happily ever after get tossed out along with the discarded wrapping paper and tinsel?

Sweet Yuletide is the fourth book in the Indigo Bay Christmas Romance Series. All of the stories are standalone and can be read in any order.

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“How does your family feel about being apart?”

“This is the first year the Patterson clan isn’t celebrating Christmas together. Usually, we have extended family gatherings from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Eve, but everyone decided to visit their in-laws instead.”

“I guess we’re meant to be here.”

Another barista, a teenager with his hair pulled back in a man bun, placed their coffee cups and food on the table. “If you need anything else, please let us know.”

Sheridan’s mouth watered. The pie was just what she needed.

“I knew you would order that.”

“I’m going to savor each bite.” She scooped up a forkful and then stopped, holding it in mid-air. “You don’t have in-laws, so why are you in Indigo Bay and not with your parents?”

“This is the perfect time for me to make plans for the new year.” He added a pat of butter to his cinnamon roll. “I also didn’t want to be surrounded by my mom’s family in North Carolina. It would be too crowded and noisy.”

Sheridan swallowed her pie. “It’s funny. We’re living parallel lives.”

“It must be fate.” He raised his mug in the air. “Here’s to being homeless, jobless, and clueless about what comes next.” 

She tapped her coffee against his. “You make that sound almost fun and not so overwhelming.”

“Hey, we’re staying in a great beach cottage, in a quaint town, and it’s Christmastime. What’s not fun?”

“The holidays part.”

Wide-eyed, he set his cup on the table. “You don’t like Christmas?”

“I wouldn’t say that.” She ate another bite of pie.

His food remained untouched. “What would you say, then?”

“I don’t like it this year.”

He shook his head. “Nope.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re not skipping Christmas.”

She didn’t understand how he knew that was what she wanted to do. Not that it mattered. “I am.”

“No.” He leaned forward. “Your father took your job and your apartment. Don’t let him take Christmas from you, too.”

As her jaw dropped, Michael’s words swirled in her head. Talk about a lightbulb moment. “I never thought about it that way, but you’re right.”

“I usually am.” With a satisfied grin, he ate a bite of his cinnamon roll.

Sal had taken so much from Sheridan. Did she want to give him Christmas, too? “Not that it matters now, since I’m on the opposite side of the country from my mom.”

“Hey, what about me?”


“We can celebrate Christmas together.”