The Billionaires of Silicon Forest Series

Publisher: Cardinal Press, LLC

Formats: eBook, print 


ISBN: 978-1944777500


Six billionaires. One Bet. Who’ll be the last man standing? 

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The Billionaires of Silicon Forest Series

Before the laughs, loves, and happily ever afters, there was the bet

The bet was simple. The last of Henry Davenport’s six billionaire friends to marry wins the half billiondollars, and the all-important bragging rights. But who knew losing could be so sweet?

Now only three are left…

Three billionaires found the women of their dreams thanks to Henry’s matchmaking. That leaves three remaining in the last single man standing bet, but Henry’s not finished yet. This clean and wholesome, contemporary romance box set features the following Billionaires of Silicon Forest novels:

The Wife Finder

Blaise Mortenson wants nothing more than to win the bet. And what better way to do that than to hire matchmaker extraordinaire Hadley Lowell to find love for the competition? Falling for her himself was not part of the plan. Now he’s starting to wonder if he’s in danger of losing was more than the bet.

The Wish Maker

Dr. Paige Regis would love to start a family of her own, but she’s too busy saving lives to even consider it. Will former patient Wes Lockhart make all her wishes come true? With the magic of the Christmas season upon them, anything is possible.

The Deal Breaker

Housekeeper Iris Jacobs has big dreams. And even though her boss, Dash Cabot, is a friend, she’s ready to leave and start taking care of herself for a change. Unless perhaps he can give her a compelling—and possibly romantic—reason to stay.  

Six billionaires. One Bet. Who’ll be the last man standing? Download today and find out…

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