The Wife Finder

Publisher: Cardinal Press, LLC

Formats: eBook, print 




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He hired a matchmaker to win a bet, not to fall in love.

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The Wife Finder

When it comes to love, all bets are off…

Failure has never been an option for self-made billionaire Blaise Mortenson. So when his friends suggest a wager to see who will be the last bachelor among them, he takes the bet. He has no doubt he’ll win—especially after he hires Hadley Lowell to find perfect matches for his friends. Now all Blaise has to do is ignore his growing attraction to the gorgeous, demanding matchmaker.

Hadley runs her business like a clandestine military op, precisely controlling every feasible outcome. But falling for a client? That was a possibility she never saw coming. Blaise’s drive, determination, and the softer side he tries to hide from the world appeals to her on a gut-deep level—but while her matchmaking success rate is unbeatable, finding love for herself has been nearly impossible. There’s no way her happily ever after could come in the form of a tech billionaire who isn’t even looking for love…is there?

What should have been a simple business transaction quickly turns into something way more complicated, and Blaise starts to wonder if he’s in danger of losing more than just the bet when all is said and done…

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As Blaise headed toward the hallway, his cell phone buzzed. He glanced at his screen and was surprised to see a text from Henry.

Henry: You made the right choice flying to SF.

Blaise: How do you know where I am?

Henry: I have my ways. Hadley Lowell is exactly who you need.

Blaise: She better be, given what she’s putting me through.

Henry: Trust me.

Blaise: If you’re wrong…

Henry: I won’t be.

Blaise stopped in front of a door with a small, blink-and-miss-it sign: Matched by Lowell.

Low-key. Not flashy.

The subtle branding didn’t match the woman’s demanding requirements. He would have expected something more on point for her industry. She better be as good as Henry said or…

The door opened, startling Blaise.

A woman stepped into the doorway. She was four inches shorter than him with auburn shoulder-length hair, ivory skin, and pink cheeks. Early to mid-thirties. And gorgeous.

Mouthwateringly so.

She wasn’t one of those women who were so thin their heads look out of proportion, the kind who only ate salad and an occasional slice of avocado toast. That type didn’t appeal to him. This one did. She had curves—nice ones. 

Blaise wanted to memorize every detail.

Her blue eyes reminded him of the sky on a summer day, when flowers bloomed, the sun shone, and the dark, lonely nights didn’t last as long as they did in winter.

He stared transfixed, connected to this stranger by an invisible force. Awareness thrummed through him. Staring was rude, but he couldn’t look away from her.

Noises sounded. Muted footsteps. A door. A phone.

All Blaise could focus on was her.

Maybe this trip hadn’t been such a bad idea. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so…captivated. 

She blinked. “Can I help you?”

Her voice was deeper than expected, a tad husky. Sexy. He wanted to hear her say more. He bet she had a great laugh.

She cleared her throat. “You’re Blaise Mortenson.”

The woman didn’t sound surprised. If anything, she appeared resigned. 

Did that mean…?

Of course, it did. “You’re Hadley Lowell.”

She nodded once.

His insides deflated. A strange reaction. One he would ignore.

Hadley eyed him curiously. “I thought you were too busy to come to San Francisco.”

“Yes, but you’re the best matchmaker, so here I am.”

Listen to an audiobook sample by Andrew Eiden:

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