Did you know three of my Christmas titles are new to audio this year? In case you didn't, I thought I'd let those of you who enjoy listening to audiobooks know what's available. All of these books feature narrators Andrew Eiden and Stella Hunter, who have completed eight of my books and were produced by Audibly Addicted. Without them, these audiobooks wouldn't have happened!

First up is The Wish Maker. This story is the second book in the Billionaire of Silicon Forest. The entire series is on audiobook, but the stories are standalone romances. Characters reappear in all the book.

At Christmas time, sometimes even impossible wishes come true….

One word changed Wes Lockhart's life forever. Cancer. Fighting for his life completely flipped his priorities, making him realize he wanted – no, needed – to use his billions to help others find the kind of second chance he'd been given. The first person he intended to help? The beautiful, caring, and dedicated oncologist who got him through his treatments and ushered him into remission. And what better time than the holidays to become her not-so-secret Santa?

Dr. Paige Regis has spent her entire career helping others, often at the expense of her personal life. She'd love to start a family of her own – but with her current patients and her plans to open a brand-new cancer center, it seems like an impossible dream. It's not until she reconnects with the charming Wes that she realizes he might just be the man to make all her Christmas wishes come true.

Can Wes and Paige open their hearts to the magic of the season – and each other – to get a shot at their very own Christmas miracle? Or will past hurts and doubts end their happily ever after before it even begins?

Here's Andrew:

Here's Stella:

The Wish Maker is available in audiobook, eBook, and paperback.

Next up is Sweet Holiday Wishes. This is a short story, and my first in the Indigo Bay world. The cheapest way to listen to this one is to buy the eBook for 99 cents and then use Whispersync for the audio. It'll save you a couple dollars if I did my math right. All five of my Indigo Bay books are available on audio. The are standalone romances, but past/future characters are mentioned or crossover.

Lizzy Hamilton wants to skip Christmas this year. Working as a nurse and trying to save her failing marriage—to no avail—has drained her energy and joy. She’s a pro at caring for others, but she needs someone to look out for her, too. However, when her soon-to-be ex-husband asks if she’ll spend the holidays with him so he won’t be alone, she can’t say no. Other than his Army Ranger platoon, she’s the only family he has.

Staff Sergeant Mitch Hamilton wants only one Christmas gift—his wife. Frequent deployments and training exercises kept him away from home, and he had no idea how taken for granted Lizzy felt until she asked him for a divorce. Now he must show his wife he’ll do anything to save their marriage, starting with a romantic holiday vacation to Indigo Bay.

The stakes—losing Lizzy forever—are higher than any Mitch has ever faced. This is one mission he can’t…won’t…fail.

Here's Andrew:

Sweet Holiday Wishes is available in eBook, Whispersync audio, and audiobook.

And finally, I have my Christmas book for this year—Sweet Yuletide. This went live earlier this month, and I don't have samples yet. It's the final book of mine in the Indigo Bay series. It's a standalone romance with characters from previous books showing up. The couple also appears in Cupcakes & Crumbs, the first book in my Berry Lake Cupcake Posse.

One beach cottage, two strangers, and a kiss under the mistletoe that changes everything…

Sheridan DeMarco wants to be anywhere but home for the holidays. She’s happy to spend Christmas house-sitting in South Carolina, far away from her parents’ new blended families. Too bad when she arrives at the charming beach cottage, she isn’t as blissfully alone as she planned.

Michael “Mikey” Patterson needs to stay out of sight until his attorney gives him the all clear. He finds the perfect place in a small coastal town, but there’s a problem. Mikey isn’t the only one staying at the beach house, and his surprise roommate pushes all his buttons.

A sprig of mistletoe and one memorable kiss make Sheridan and Mikey forget their plans to stay away from each other. But when family gets in the way, will their happily ever after get tossed out along with the discarded wrapping paper and tinsel?

Sweet Yuletide is available in eBook, paperback, Whispersync audio, and audiobook.

For those who enjoy audiobooks, I'd love to know what you think about these three. Thanks so much!