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★New Releases★
2.99 A Keepsake Christmas by Melissa McClone:
4.99 AITA? by Cassie Alexander:
3.99 Blood Bound by Lana Sky:
3.99 Chasing Love James by KL Shandwick:
0.99 Chosen By An Alien by V.T. Bonds:
3.99 Crushing Cinza by Leann Ryans:
3.99 Devante by Laramie Briscoe:
3.99 Dirty Stack by DD Prince:
3.99 Dominant Desire by Linzi Basset:
2.99 Grave Mistake by Nikki Landis:
3.99 Hate by Cole Denton:
3.99 Hateful Union by Brooke Summers:
3.99 Her Dirty Detectives by Mika Lane:
3.99 Insta[FAM] by Robin Ash:
4.99 King of Corium by C. Hallman:
4.99 Negotiation by Delta James:
4.99 Protect Me Not by Natasha Anders:
2.99 Solar Wind by Charlotte Brice:
0.99 Stockings Were Hung by S.L. Sterling:
4.99 Tempest by Amilia Quinn:
4.99 Tempest by Rachel Blake:
0.99 The Centaur In My Forest by L.V. Lane:
0.99 The Lady's Demon by Kamryn Foxe:
9.99 The Wraith Royals Trilogy by Ariana Black:
0.99 Tricked into Love by K.L. Humphreys:
2.99 When We Fall by Shayne Ford:
0.99 Wicked Rage by Minette Moreau:

★ Discount and Deals ★

0.99 A Touch of Dark by Lana Sky:
Free Adam's Witness by J.C. Paulson:
Free Advance by Delta James:
Free Bad Company by S.L. Sterling:
Free Be Were by Eliza Gayle:
Free Flirting with Forever by Jennifer Bernard:
Free Forgivable Sins by Adelaide Forrest:
Free Fragile Innocence by Dani René:
0.99 Hating You by C. Hallman:
0.99 Her Outback Driver by Giulia Skye:
Free Irrevocable by Skye Callahan:
0.99 Love, Lies & A Bleu Christmas by Rebecca Rohman:
0.99 Mistletoe Wishes by JJ Carlson:
Free Shade by Shayne Ford:
0.99 Siren by Jo-Anne Joseph:
0.99 The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu by J.G. MacLeod:
0.99 The Punishment Tour by Sophie Kisker:
0.99 Untethered by M Jameson:
Free Witch vs. Witch by A.C. Merkel:

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