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★New Releases★
0.99 All My Love by Zee Irwin:
0.99 Ask Me Nicely by Dania Voss:
3.99 Badass Biker by Lily Harlem:
3.99 Crawl by Audrey Rush:
2.99 Donovan's Girl by Merel Pierce:
4.99 Freezing Aversion by BL Maxwell:
0.99 Intrigue My Desires by Charmaine Louise Shelton:
2.99 Lumberjacks Surprise by KL Donn:
2.99 My Christmas Kink by Mika Lane:
4.99 Promise to keep by J.L. Beck:
4.99 Scarred Regrets by Adelaide Forrest:
4.99 Sleep For Me by Kay Elle Parker:
4.99 Solus by Taylor J Gray:
2.99 Summer Storm by Lily Alexander:
3.99 The Devil's Christmas by Linzi Basset:
2.99 The Devil's Redemption by Murphy Wallace:
0.99 Touch of secrets by Kyra Fox:
0.99 Willful Widow by Elise Marion:

★ Discount and Deals ★

Free 21 Years of Jane by Yolanda Olson:
Free Alpha's Temptation by Renee Rose:
Free Detour by DD Prince:
Free Falling for a Rake by Eve Pendle:
Free Forever by LK Shaw:
0.99 Henry by Raisa Greywood:
Free Her Christmas Secret by Melissa McClone:
Free Jaden by Shayne Ford:
0.99 Levi's Ultimatum by EM Gayle:
0.99 Logan by Golden Angel:
0.99 Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas:
0.99 Mary's Submission by Aila Glass:
Free Odyssey by Sophie Kisker:

0.99 Scintillation by Amilia Quinn:
Free Rapture & Ruin by Julia Sykes:
0.99 Ray by Maren Smith:
0.99 Romancing the Past by Carrie Lomax:
Free Sable's Santa Daddy by Honey Meyer:
0.99 Scintillation by Rachel Blake:
0.99 Sinner Ella by James Crow:
2.99 Sins of Seven 4-7 Boxset by Dani René:
0.99 Sugar Princess by Nicolina Martin:
0.99 Take Me Break me by Cari Silverwood:
Free Tamed by Her Cowboy by Shanna Handel:
0.99 The Future Bride by J.G. MacLeod:
Free The Jock by C. Hallman:
0.99 Their Sub Series by Linzi Basset:
Free This Is Fate by Zee Irwin:
0.99 Tragic Beauty by Iris Ann Hunter:

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