The Indigo Bay Christmas Romances series features six holiday stories from Jean C. Gordon, Jeanette Lewis, Jean Orem, me, Elizabeth Bromke, and Shanae Johnson. The Indigo Bay world has been written so readers can dive in anywhere in the series without missing a beat so grab a glass of sweet tea (or in this case a cup of eggnog or spiced hot apple cider!) and enjoy these sweet, heartwarming holiday romances…

Today, the fifth release in our 2020 Christmas launch, SWEET MISTLETOE by Elizabeth Bromke, is out! This is a sweet holiday romance about a matchmaker under work pressure to find a boyfriend.

About the book…

A single matchmaker. A local teacher. And one Christmas mix-up.

Paisley Barrett runs Mistletoe, a concierge matchmaking service. During the holidays, business should be booming, but her investors think she’s the reason it's not. A thirty-something, single matchmaker doesn’t inspire confidence in clients. They hand her an ultimatum—find a boyfriend by the new year or she’s out of a job.

Knox Calhoun puts his teaching career first, much to the dismay of his overbearing southern family who want him to settle down. Desperate to survive the holidays without too much grief or matchmaking, he uses a dating app to find someone—anyone—to be his plus-one at the family’s over-the-top Christmas celebration.

When he arrives at his sister's beach cottage, he finds himself under the mistletoe kissing a beautiful woman. But Knox soon discovers Paisley isn’t his date from the app. Too bad because he wants to kiss her again. But could the mistletoe mix-up work out in both their favors this Christmas?

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An Excerpt…

Out of Christmas decorations!? We’ve got the Mistletoe covered! Download the Mistletoe App
and plan this year’s Christmas kiss!

Drumming her fingers on her desk, Paisley Barrett stared at the computer screen. Her team’s
newest iteration of a splash page mock-up glaring at her.

“Too many exclamation points,” she muttered to herself. “And who wants to plan a kiss?”

She went back into her email and tapped out a better hook to send to the marketing rep who
updates the social media pages and pushes out some seasonal ads.

Instead of an ugly-sweater party, cuddle up with your new favorite matchmaking app!

“Ugh. Worse.”

She tried once again.

This holiday season, meet your special someone under the mistletoe. Download Mistletoe
and find your perfect Christmas match!

“The boss wants you.”

Paisley swiveled around.

Shelby Calhoun leaned into the doorframe, tapping her smartwatch. “Now,” she added.

Paisley didn’t like being bossed around by her younger VP. Still, she wilted at the
command. “Boss? Which one?”

Though Paisley ran Mistletoe Matchmaking Corporation, and all creative elements began
and ended with her, her status as president meant little.

The true power rested with her investors. A trio of tech-savvy, youthful entrepreneurs who
had their hands in every start-up in Charleston.

She joined Shelby in the hallway.

“It’s what’s-his-name. The one who’s like my age and totally bald. Thick black glasses. I
suspect he was sent here by the other two, though,” Shelby whispered as they strode through the
office to the lobby of their building. “He seems nervous.”

“What do you think it’s about?” Paisley whispered back. But she knew exactly what it was

Downloads had been on a steady decline for six months. Ratings dropped off, too. It was any
wonder she hadn’t already found herself in hot water with the money people.

Paisley’s boutique matchmaking company was in trouble. Plain and simple.

Sweet Mistletoe is available at major eBook retailers, click here to read.