The Indigo Bay Christmas Romances series features six holiday stories from Jean C. Gordon, Jeanette Lewis, Jean Orem, me, Elizabeth Bromke, and Shanae Johnson.

The Indigo Bay world has been written so readers can dive in anywhere in the series without missing a beat so grab a glass of sweet tea (or in this case a cup of eggnog or spiced hot apple cider!) and enjoy these sweet, heartwarming holiday romances…

The third release in our 2020 Christmas launch is SWEET JOYMAKER by Jean Oram!


About the book…

Maria Wylder is used to taking care of herself, the ranch, her five grown boys—and even coordinating what will surely be an awkward family Christmas that will include her ex-husband and his new wife.

What she’s not used to is catching the eye of the local mechanic Clint Walker whose gaze lights up every time he sees her. Or the way he listens to her every word and brings her little gifts to brighten her day.

When they both end up visiting the beach town of Indigo Bay to help with a Christmas fundraiser, will it become a chance for them to step outside their tired old roles and discover something new—together?

And what will Maria do when Clint slowly begins to win her heart despite her best intentions not to fall in love again?

This second chance seasoned romance is part of the Indigo Bay Christmas Romance series and can be read as a standalone. It is also a spinoff of Jean’s upcoming new series set in Sweetheart Creek, Texas.

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An Excerpt…

Soon Indigo Bay’s public beach ended and homes appeared along the shore. Maria Wylder stuck close to the water, avoiding the private beaches so she wouldn’t trespass. She’d made it past the first home, a stately renovated old mansion, when she heard her name on the ocean breeze.

The voice was awfully familiar and she turned toward the sound, her heart lifting. “Clint?”

He had come to Indigo Bay, South Carolina, like he’d hinted he might. And now, on her second day, they were already bumping into each other? How could that be a coincidence?

“I was wondering if I’d see you.” Clint came across the sand wearing uncharacteristically bright surfing shorts. He also had on a rash guard shirt, and his shaggy graying hair was wet and tousled. He looked handsome. Healthy. Happy. And different from the quiet mechanic she knew back home in Sweetheart Creek, Texas.

“What on earth are you doing?” she asked, taking him in with a lingering second glance. He’d just come from the water, a short, wide board under his arm.

“Oh,” he said, shoving a hand through his dripping hair. “I was learning to boogie board. The waves aren’t that big, so it was about perfect for an old guy like me.” There was that happy grin again.

“You’re not that old.”

“I’ll feel old tomorrow when these muscles tell me I’m not twenty-three anymore.”

“When did you get here?”

“A few hours ago.”

“And you’re already hitting the beach? I thought you had a moped to revamp?”

“Brewster’s busy in his custom motorcycle shop, finishing up some Christmas orders. We’ll work on the scooter this evening. Or at least that’s the plan. I’m staying at his wife’s B&B right here.” Clint tipped his head toward the freshly painted mansion behind them. “Want to come in for a drink?”

Maria had never stayed in a bed-and-breakfast, but suspected inviting guests in for a drink wasn’t standard practice.

“Sonja puts out sweet tea and snacks in the afternoon. There’s a wonderful living room that guests are welcome to enjoy.”

“It sounds lovely.”

“And because I’m a family friend, I also have access to the liquor cabinet. So if you want something a little stronger than tea, just let me know.” He gave her a devilish smile that took her by surprise. “I used to be a bartender in college.”



The breeze was playing with Maria’s shoulder-length hair and she pushed it off her face, wishing she had thought to wear a hat.

“Want to come in?”

The invitation felt as though it was for more than just a drink. It was an invitation into his life, into something new. Into something she hadn’t had since high school, when she’d started dating Roy.

That had been so long ago, she didn’t believe she could do something like that again. New relationships took so much time and fuss. And anyway, how would their lives ever fit together?

Maria checked her watch, relieved to find it was time to head back and meet Kit. She gave Clint a regretful smile. “Sorry, I’m meeting Kittim for dinner soon.”

“You’re staying with Kit?” Clint asked.

She nodded.

“Is she working this week?”

Maria nodded again. “She runs an accounting firm.”

“Maybe we could go out for coffee or something tomorrow while our hosts are tied up at work.”

Maria knew from her stint as a retired woman that she was likely to go stir-crazy by tomorrow afternoon. But she also wasn’t sure if Clint was inviting her out on a date. He’d been playing it cool back home, and right now he wasn’t acting like a man who had followed her all this way. But still. Coincidence? She thought not.

“I’ll call you if I have free time,” she said, hoping to curb any false hope that she might inadvertently build by saying yes. She pointed to the mansion. “What’s this place called?”

“Morrison Mansion Bed and Breakfast. But you can just text me. You still have my number?” The way he said it was flirty, and Maria paused, uncertain how to react to this new version of Clint. He was fun and free, and presenting himself like a very tempting distraction.

Not that she wanted to go home with a boyfriend. At her age! That was such a ridiculous idea. She had a ranch to help out on, no time for frivolity like some whimsical twenty-year-old.

But she was also curious about this newly revealed side of Clint.

Pulse thrumming, she turned into the wind, calling over her shoulder as she walked away, “I’ll text you in the morning.”

Sweet Joymaker is available at major eBook retailers, click here to read.