Publisher: Cardinal Press, LLC

Formats: eBook, print 

ASIN: B071S83JX9

ISBN: 978-1944777012

Could the soldier who found Jenny’s message in a bottle turn out to be her dream hero?

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Step one: Take a fun-filled vacation with friends.

Step two: Drink fruity cocktails with colorful umbrellas.

Step three: Write a humorous message to her future soul mate.

Step four: Stuff the message in a bottle and toss it out to sea…

Bestselling thriller author Jenny Hanford never expects anything to happen the night she whimsically throws her requirements for true love into the ocean. Thirteen months later, however, she hears back from the man who found her message in a bottle.

Exchanging carefree emails and texts makes Jenny smile and fills her days with anticipation. But when she gets word her bottle finder, a soldier named Dare, has been injured and is asking for her, she can’t deny her growing feelings for her online friend. Jenny wants to go, but she’s afraid Dare will turn out to be as make believe as the characters she creates. What are the odds he could be her real dream hero? 

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Jenny’s Message in a Bottle…

Dear Bottle Finder:

You have precisely forty-two minutes to complete your mission or life as you know it will end. If you happen to be color blind and can’t tell the red wire from the others, just crack open a beer or unwrap a candy bar and enjoy the next forty-one minutes before it’s all over.

Oh, wait.

Wrong mission.

Let’s try this again…

I’m on a Caribbean vacation with my girlfriends, and we’re tossing messages in bottles into the sea in hopes of finding true love. Please understand that alcohol was free flowing when we decided to do this. No, fruity rum drinks with paper umbrellas aren’t an excuse, but they were delicious! And who knows? Maybe dream heroes do exist, and ours are out there!

I’d love to say I’m a complete romantic, and that I believe in my heart of hearts whoever’s reading this is my soul mate, but I also think we’re one EMP away from an ELE. If those acronyms have you heading to Google to do a search, then you likely aren’t my other half.

If by some miracle, or alien intervention, you are reading this and think, hey, this could be the woman of my dreams, then your mission is to email me at the address below if you:

  • Are single and male.
  • Think something strange did happen in Roswell.
  • Know your name will never be on the FBI’s Most-Wanted List.
  • Aren’t allergic to cats or dogs.
  • Prefer armchair traveling to jet-setting. 

Or…if you’re certain I’m not the one for you, but want to let me know where you found the bottle and that you read this message, feel free to email me, too, so I can die of embarrassment.