Several friends of mine are part of a sweet romcom collection that contains 20 original humorous novellas from best-selling authors. These are heartwarming, feel-good, and laugh out loud funny reads.

Here's an excerpt from THE SASSY ONE by Cami Checketts:

A firm hand on her back yanked Rissa from her nightmarish visions of the man she loved in the arms of another woman and face to face with his handsome mug.

Breck was glancing over her with concern. “Riss? You okay, love?”

How did he do that? His pet name for her and a term of endearment, coupled with worry in those dark eyes, and she was faltering faster than her spotty cell service up this mountain.

“Right as my mum’s pudding, thank you.” She jerked from his touch and strode back toward the wedding party. More people. That would be the key to keeping him at an un-kissable distance. She’d thought she’d be prepared today. She wasn’t. Thankfully he hadn’t referenced her hiding under a bar table in a puddle of beer last night. Maybe he wasn’t certain she’d been there.

Breck was at her side with his arm around her waist before she could react. She felt like the air had been knocked out of her. That manly hand placed possessively on her hip. His tall frame holding her close. The luxurious scent of his cologne. It was too much and was completely unfair of him.

“I’ve missed you all these years,” he murmured close to her ear.

Rissa glanced sharply at him, and unfortunately his lips brushed along her cheek before she could draw back. Her breath was coming in short pants. She wished she could throw a comeback about how he’d never come to see her, but they both knew the truth. He had come, flown to England, knocked on her mum’s door numerous times, and she’d hidden from him like an ankle biter. It was the only way to stay immune to his magnetism. She’d stayed stronger than English oak, even though sometimes she felt as dense as oak, turning down the most charming man on the planet over and over again. Yet he’d not only lied about not being able to go to lunch on that fateful day, he’d been with another woman, and snogged that beautiful woman. She should hate him. The anger had faded, but she couldn’t get rid of the longing for him.

Breck stopped and pulled her around to face him. “You’re the only woman who could ever do this to me.”

“Do what exactly?”

His eyes swept over her face. “Make me insane waiting for you.”

He grinned and she realized how completely and horribly she’d longed for that brilliant grin of his. Why had she kept her distance? Was it really worth not being near this man when she loved him so desperately? Then what he’d said really and truly sunk into her thick, barmy brain. She was only another game to him. A challenge. She made him wait for her, so he pursued. It was his life quest to have every woman fall at his feet. As soon as she fell, he’d move on quick. He didn’t have a shred of loyalty or integrity in that handsome body of his.

“You can wait until you’ve over-egged the pudding, but it won’t matter,” she snapped at him.

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