The Boss, the third book in my A Keeper Series, is now available! This book features Chaney Sullivan, an associate producer, and Drake Llewelyn, a billionaire. Five years ago, Chaney did an internship for Drake's company. It did not end well between them. Now, five years later, they meet again. Will he get a second chance?

Cover and Blurb

He wanted a fling. She wanted forever. All they got was a “goodbye.”

Taking over as the temporary associate producer on a television show, Chaney Sullivan comes face-to-face with her former boss who stole—and broke—her heart. He’s more attractive than ever, which complicates working together. But she knows better than to fall for him all over again.

Nobody denies billionaire Drake Llewelyn anything, but Chaney’s done it—twice. Even though he's too busy for a relationship, her beauty and sass intrigue him. But she's changed. Her zest for life and her little dimple are missing, and he wants to uncover why.

When an unforgettable kiss brings them together, fear drives them apart. Drake pushes her away—not believing in love. Tired of trying to please everyone, Chaney retreats. Can they find the courage to risk their hearts or will their pasts keep them alone forever?




Chaney stood in front of the great hall’s open fireplace. The glowing embers of a single log were the only remnants of tonight’s banquet and the only light in the otherwise dark room.

A chill curled through her. Not from the cold, but from anticipation.


She didn’t know if Drake had meant later tomorrow or tonight. She hoped the latter even though it was past midnight.

Chaney wanted—no, needed—to see him. She owed him an apology for sending mixed signals again. Sure, he’d looked handsome at the banquet, but he usually did. With the medieval costume, his beard, and the mysterious smile on his face, she’d stared at him, practically mesmerized. The line between reality and fantasy had blurred.

She crossed her arms, her hand brushing over the luxurious fabric of her gown.

The memory of his leather shirt and his soft hair against her skin burned. She closed her eyes, remembering the feel of both beneath her fingertips. She’d been helping the stylists during the break, but for a second or two—okay, maybe longer—Chaney hadn’t been one hundred percent professional.

Not in her actions or her thoughts.

She might have continued touching him and enjoying it had he not said something.

Her eyes sprung open. “Idiot.”

“I hope you’re talking to the voices in your head again and not about someone else. Like me,” Drake said, sounding amused.

She turned away from the fireplace.

He strode toward her.

Larger than life.

He was an imposing figure. An attractive one, too.

With his long, confident gait and his costume, he appeared to be more like a king than a businessman from London.

Chaney wished a light was on. “I was talking about myself.”

“That’s a relief.”

Uncertainty slinked through her. “Maybe for you.”

“If it’s any consolation, you’re not an idiot.”

Not usually, but that had been before seeing him again. Chaney’s brain and memory malfunctioned whenever he was around.

She recalled her resolve from this morning.

Unbending, unconquerable and, for the remainder of the taping, immune to Drake.

Squaring her shoulders, she crossed the room, the hem of her heavy gown brushing the tops of her feet, and met him halfway. “I want to apologize for earlier. I should have told you I was trying to help Liz and Russell before…assisting you. I’m sorry. I don’t want you to think I was sending mixed signals after our talk this morning.”

“No worries. I enjoyed your assistance,” Drake said with no hesitation. “A man doesn’t get fussed over by a lovely maiden every night.”

His flattery heated the blood flowing through her veins. He handed out compliments like candy on Halloween, but his words pleased her. “I’m sure you have your pick of maidens.”

“I’m here with the one of my choice.”

His wide smile curled her toes. So much for being immune to him. Chaney prayed she survived tonight in one piece.