The Deal Breaker, the third book in my The Billionaires of Silicon Forest series is now live! This book features Dash Cabot and Iris Jacobs who have been friends since they were thirteen. You'll also find crossover characters from my One Night to Forever series, including the matchmaking billionaire, Henry Davenport. This heartwarming friends-to-more sweet romance can be read as standalone.

Cover and Blurb

There are some lines friends should never cross…right?

Status quo might as well be Dashiell Cabot’s middle name. He has a job he loves, a billion dollars in the bank, and a best friend named Iris who keeps his personal life running smoothly. Why would he ever want to change any of that? But when Iris Jacobs tells him she’s quitting and returning to culinary school, Dash’s beloved status quo is thrown into chaos. Even worse? The thought of her departure is forcing him to realize his feelings for her might extend beyond the friend zone.

Iris wants more out of life than taking care of Dash. She always has. And even though she could never repay him for everything he’s done for her, she can no longer afford to protect his precious status quo at the expense of her own dreams. She has no choice but to leave…unless he can give her a compelling—and possibly romantic—reason to stay.

They’ve always been just friends. That was their deal. But when all is said and done, something will be broken—either their deal…or their hearts.

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The plate sat on the cushion between them. She took another one—her third, not that anyone was keeping track. This was a celebration so calories didn’t count. At least, that was what she would go with if Dash asked. Not that he cared about anything but the film.

A side-eye glance showed him engrossed with what played on the television screen. Raina hadn’t come up again during dinner. The breakup appeared to be a thing of the past. Iris wasn’t that surprised since he’d never shown emotion when a relationship ended. He usually claimed it was inevitable and never mentioned the woman again.
Dash paused the movie before looking her way. “You’re watching me more than the TV.”

Iris’s cheeks burned. “Just making sure you’re okay.”


Was he serious? Then she remembered this was Dash. “The breakup.”

“I’m fine,” he blurted. “It was bound to happen, eventually.”

Inevitable. She was correct. Raina had been the same as the other women he dated. Relief surged through Iris. Strange, because she wanted him to be happy.

“Someday it won’t feel that way.“ He deserved somebody to love, even if hearts, flowers, and violins weren’t his thing. “You just haven’t met the right woman.”

He grinned. “Not sure she’s out there since Wes told me video game characters didn’t count.”

Iris laughed. “Well, if one came to life she would be all over you.”

His brows lifted. “You think?”

“You’re a catch.”

It was his turn to laugh. “We both know my net worth is the biggest appeal. I’m too nerdy for most women.”

“You’re you. Authentic. Real. That’s all that matters. Who cares if you’re eccentric?”

“Eccentric is another word for weird.” He shifted on his end of the couch so he faced her. “I am that.”

“A good weird,” she added, knowing his joking was a self-defense mechanism. “Somewhere, there’s a woman who will feel as if she’s won the lottery when you fall in love with her and her with you.”

“If,” Dash corrected. “Not when. I’m not sure love even exists.”

“It does, which is why I said when not if.” Someday he would believe love conquered all. “You deserve a happily ever after.”

He got a faraway look in his eyes. “Do you still want one?”