The Soccer Star, the second book in my A Keeper Series is now available! This book features Lucy Martin, a graphic designer and artist, and Ryker James, a professional soccer player, who knew each other as kids, but now meet again years later when her nephew's rec soccer team needs a coach.

Cover and Blurb

A bad boy soccer star, a kind-hearted artist, a game neither planned on playing…

After her divorce, Lucy Martin left her small hometown for the big city, never expecting to return. Now she's back, caring for her soccer-crazed nephew while his parents are deployed. She'll do anything to make him happy—including reaching out to her former high school crush and current soccer superstar, Ryker James.

Nursing an injury, Ryker plans to lie low at his parents' house until he heals. He can’t wait to rejoin his club and make amends for the trouble he caused. When the younger sister of a former teammate asks him for a favor—to coach her nephew's soccer team—he should decline. But boredom and attraction compel him to help Lucy.

Coaching forces them together, and sparks fly…on and off the field. But Lucy’s wary of romance, and Ryker can’t afford a distraction. Before the final whistle blows, will they take a shot at love or forfeit the match?




“Has your aunt told you about Squiggy?” he asked.

Lucy choked, coughed, and swallowed. “You remember Squiggy?”

Mischief danced in his eyes. “It’s hard to forget being asked to dig a grave and then rob it on the same day.”

Connor’s mouth formed a perfect O. “You robbed a grave?”

“Your dad and I did,” Ryker said. “It was Squiggy’s grave.”

Connor leaned forward. “Who’s Squiggy?”

Ryker winked at her.

Oh, no. He wouldn’t tell…

Who was she kidding? The mischievous gleam in his eyes was a dead giveaway he would spill every last detail. Might as well get it over with.

“Squiggy was my turtle. He was actually a tortoise,” she explained. “But Squiggy was…”

“The best turtle in the galaxy,” Ryker finished for her. “The fastest, too.”

Lucy stared at him in disbelief. That was how she described Squiggy to anyone who asked. Other kids wanted dogs. She loved her hard-shelled, wrinkled reptile. “I can’t believe you remember that.”

“I told you I remembered a lot of stuff.”