The romance writing blog world is a buzz with Jenny Crusie's analysis of the Glittery HooHa on her blog. It's an interesting theory about why men (playboy, womanizing types) finally fall for one woman and would do anything for her. Lani Diane Rich brought the concept over from a soap opera forum and let's just say Jenny's thread is a must read.

I found it fascinating because my current hero, Kane Wiley, is a playboy type. Here's what the HMB editor said about him in an email to me in regards to our continuity proposal and also in the acceptance with a few revisions email about my proposal:

We loved the playboy aspect of Kane’s character
• …and I'm already half in love with Kane!

So am I. Though he's not a typical hero of mine. He's thinking about picking up bridesmaids at a wedding show when he drops off a package to my wedding dress designer heroine, Serena!

When I read Jenny's blog yesterday, I realized the concept of the Glittery HooHa was perfect for him except for one thing. A pretty big thing when you think about the type of romance I write-sweet traditionals, no sex before marriage stories. No way can Kane dip into my heroine's HooHa.

Talk about bummed.

Never one to give up, I realized I could change the HooHa to a SmoocHa. My heroine has a Glittery SmoocHa and when Kane dips into it he's a goner. (We're talking tongue, here, so get your mind out of the gutter!) With my engineering background, I needed to justify this deviation from the original theory and have come up with a couple examples:

1. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and their respective princes – one taste of princess Glittery SmoocHa and those princes don't have a choice. A HEA is the only option!

2. Buttercup and Wesley in A Princess Bride – I'm assuming only smooching occurred before he left the farm, but I couldn't find my DVD or book copy to back this up so if I'm wrong please let me know.

There are also songs to back up the Glittery SmoocHa:
1. This Kiss by Faith Hill – if you listen to the words you'll know Faith is singing about the Glittery SmoocHa. She even mentions Snow White.

2. Kiss Me by Six Pence None the Richer – It doesn't matter which of the places in the song you choose to kiss her at, but once you do…you're a goner. Glittery SmoocHa, I'm telling you.

So what do you think? Can I justify applying the Glittery HooHa/SmoocHa theory to a traditional romance? Can you back me up here with any other examples?