Hey, all! If you've been following along with my llama drama on Facebook (my giveaway was marked as spam last Sunday so I asked for a review), I still haven't heard anything. It's been a week (8 days actually) so I'm tired of waiting so this is how it will work:

  1. Answer the question on the rafflecopter. The info required to enter (FB id or email) is only for me to contact the winner. You don't have to follow me anywhere or sign up for anything, but I need that info to contact the winner! Your email will not be used for anything else. I promise!
  2. If for some reason Facebook approves my original post before this rafflecopter ends, I will choose the llama prize pack winner from the original post and give the winner of this rafflecopter a $20 Amazon gift card. I felt this is the fairest way to proceed for the 1800 plus people who entered the original giveaway. I know this new one won't reach all of them.
  3. I will reach out to the winner to tell them they won. I usually have the winner check back to see if they won, but I don't want to make this harder on anyone who enters, so whoever wins will be contacted by me. You just have to reply within 48 hours of me emailing to claim the prize.

Now onto the giveaway! I'm going to post the original post from Facebook here since it includes all I want to say and make a few changes to fit the rafflecopter here:

To celebrate the release of THE WIFE FINDER, I have a llama-themed prize pack that's up for grabs. If you read my post on Wednesday night you know the story behind this, but llamas (in one form or another) are mentioned four times in the story (I think I counted correctly, but I'm going by memory and tired.)

The theme started with the Thirty-One Gifts Thermal Tote, and I went from there. I had a lot of fun shopping for the items. Probably too much fun 🙂 But I hope you llama fans out there like this one. I included a copy of THE WEDDING LULLABY since three of the characters are in the new book, too!

THE WIFE FINDER is available on Amazon and is also in Kindle Unlimited: https://amzn.to/2PimQnH

To enter, just answer the question in the rafflecopter. Anything else you want to do to help spread the word is optional but greatly appreciated.

The Wife Finder Llama themed Prize Pack includes:

  • Thirty-One Thermal ToteThirty-One nail file
  • Paperback copy of The Wedding Lullaby
  • Stuffed llama
  • Llama necklace and earrings
  • Llama slipper socks
  • Llama pad and pen
  • Llama spiral note pad
  • Llama stickers
  • Llama pad
  • Llama journal
  • Llama spiral pad
  • Llama spiral mini-pad
  • Heart lollipops
  • Lip gloss
  • Melissa McClone pin
  • Recipe card
  • Bookmarks

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